6 Top Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Amazing Supplements and Herbal Treatments


Do you know millions of men experience ED after the age of 50 and beyond? The thing is that there are such reports from men of younger ages as well. When we analyse this fact, we come to know that men have this issue owing to different reasons. Moreover, there are some supplements that can help, plus herbal treatments are there. So, why not we dive into understanding what can cause this and how to avoid this shameful situation? We will talk about causes of erectile dysfunction. You must know how to avoid these issues and what can help if there are some medical conditions that cause it.

1: Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

All men know what erectile dysfunction is. The men who ever had sexual relationships know that it is an inability to have an erection. Sometimes, men would fail to keep the erection during or before sexual activity after arousal. This condition is too shameful for men and that is why you should address with all possible means. Some of the top reasons are:

  • Medical conditions like diabetes and heart issues can cause this.
  • If you are overweight, you need to reduce your weight to have best sexual life. The reasons that cause erectile dysfunction due to obesity are: Inflammation of the body, low testosterone and damage of blood vessels.
  • Some types of injuries may cause ED. This means, there are some injuries that would lead to ED.
  • Certain medications like antidepressants, high blood pressure, antihistamines, and prostate issues medicines can cause it.
  • Some psychological conditions like depression and anxiety may cause it. Sometimes even stress would become a reason for it.
  • There are drugs and alcohol that would lead to this.

Not all but some of these causes can be reduced and you should make a better life with it. Now there should be supplements that help with erectile dysfunction. Some are:

2: Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

There are some most famous supplements that can help in erectile dysfunction issues.

Allopathic Supplements: Among these are:

  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B3 and B9.
  1. Herbal Supplements

Apart from allopathic medicines and multivitamins, there are some terrific herbal supplements that work like miracles. There are some herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction that work well. Some of these would completely change the way you perceive sexual activity. These herbs are:

  • Horney Goat Weed.
  • Yohimbe.
  • Ginseng.
  • Ginko Biloba.

3: Herbal Products for ED

Desi medicine from Ajmal.Pk has a lot of efficacy in. Some of their top products are:

  • V2 Ajmal.
  • Majun Raig Mahi.
  • Majun Jalali.
  • Labub Barid.
  • Tila khas No.1.

Herbal supplements can be helpful in different ways. Products of Ajmal herbal shop are super effective for such issues.


1: What is the name of top desi dawakhana near me?

The top desi dawakhana in Lahore is Ajmal dawkhana.

2: How do we make sure that we buy the best desi medicines?

Toknow which the best desi dawakhana is, they should know the internet reviews, and reputation of the shop.

3: How to make sure that your sexual health is good?

There are some basic ways to keep your sexual health good. You should do regular exercises, take healthy food and take multivitamins for this purpose.


Erectile dysfunction is a common issue in men over 50s. But if you have this issue in younger age, you should address it as soon as possible. There are supplements of allopathic and herbal schools that work well for this issue. You must know the reason of this issue and take the right medicines for this purpose. ED is not untreatable, there are ways to get rid of this issue that you should try.

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