High Blood Sugar Treatment By Effective Changes In Daily Dietary Intake


Diabetes is a condition in which beta cells of the pancreas cannot produce insulin, and insulin resistance occurs. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is damaged and fails to produce insulin because of autoimmune or other rare reasons. This type is mostly diagnosed in childhood but can also occur in adults. In type 2 diabetes, the body cannot produce insulin by the pancreas, and the use of insulin by the body is also low, known as insulin resistance. When the pancreas is damaged, insulin-producing cell progresses to the point where the pancreas cannot release enough insulin to overcome the body resistance to it; as a result, blood sugar level increases. Diabetes can be cured at the first stage by changes in daily dietary Intake and high physical activity.

Diabetes Treatment By Daily Dietary Intake

People with diabetes have to face some difficulty keeping their blood sugar levels in a normal range. When the glucose level rise, blood turns too sweet. Our sugar comes from two places: the liver, and the other is the food you eat. We cannot do so much to control the sugar amount of the liver, but we can control the foods. So the best medicine for diabetes is the food that we eat. Foods are made up of three categories:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Other than the food, we can use herbal remedies like mullein for sinuses and diabetes treatment.

Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar

Carbohydrates come from starch or sugary items and then turn into glucose when they are digested. Glucose enters the bloodstream, that known as blood glucose or sugar. The more carbs you eat in a meal, the more sugar is absorbed in the bloodstream and cause a high blood sugar level. Some sugary foods are good for the healthy, such as fruits that have a lot of sugar. On the other hand, starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes, rice can quickly turn into sugar when you digest them.

For example, eating a potato can increase blood sugar as much as eating nine teaspoons of sugar. How the body responds to blood sugar is likely based on genetics and baseline insulin sensitivity. For type 2 diabetes treatment, it is important to look for the glycemic index.


Protein comes from different foods like eggs, meat, tofu, poultry, and seafood. Every individual responds differently to these foods. If we consume a moderate amount of protein at a meal does not affect blood sugar levels. In some cases, it can affect mild but not that much.


Dietary fats have no practical effect on blood sugar. Some food products like Cheese are made up of fat and protein, and these sources cannot raise the blood sugar level too much. On the other hand, other food products like doughnuts and French fries are purely fats and carbohydrates. As they are high in fats and carbs together, they are likely to raise the blood sugar level significantly. Therefore, choose the eating sources wisely.

Other than dietary Intake, in some cases, diabetes tablets intake isalso necessary to cure diabetes.


Diabetes can also lead to other chronic conditions. Therefore it is important to cure and prevent it at the initial stage. It is a reversible condition at an initial stage. Diabetes medicine use is on-trend. We should be aware the people about the natural ways of treatment. You can get a consultation from Ajmal Dawakhana for your health, the best Hakeem in Pakistan.

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