Top 4 Facts about Greek Medicine That Evolved into modern Day Herbal Treatments


Greek medicines have a deep history in Greek culture. The people who lived there in this area of the world are known for having amazing logic that lead to this school. In this article, you will be able to read about the history of this school. These medicines would help in different ways that are based on logical understanding. There will be some most amazing facts about Greek medicine that can surely help.

1: Alcmaeon: A Fact About Greek History

This person is known for being a big leap towards a better understanding of diseases in Greek times. It is said that he was the first person who analysed the reasons for diseases. And he found out that there were environmental and lifestyles issues that lead to it. He also figured out that nutrition was a reason for some sicknesses.

2: War And Games

We today have Unani medicine in Pakistan and this shows the widespread of these medicines. The thing is that people who became the base of this school of treatment were a lot into games.

The medicines that they discovered and worked on were for war-caused issues. This includes wounds that could be difficult to heal.

3: The Idea Of Elements

When you look up an Unani medicine list,you will find that there is the concept of four elements of the world. This includes water, air, fire, and earth. When they realised this could help them understand the issues, four humors can into life. Those who understand Unani medicines know that these medicines are given on this logic. There are four liquids that should be in balance to keep someone healthy. And if there is some issue in these, there can be health issues in people. These four liquids are Black bile, phlegm, blood, and yellow bile.

4: Diagnostic And Treatment Processes

In that time, Greek people developed a diagnostic process that they adhered to. They would observe the patient and perform a physical examination. The treatments may include some most unusual ways for that time. For example:

  • The doctors would warm the person if they had a cold.
  • They would keep feverish people dry and cool if they were sweaty.
  • Sometimes they would make someone vomit if they had bile issues in their understanding.

These treatments did help them and these issues are still curable in these ways. And some of these are common among people as they have some amazing results.

5: Most Common Treatments In The Modern World

This school of treatment and understanding is prevalent in modern times. And this makes them one of the most amazing ways for some most common health issues. In different areas of the world, there are different types of herbal treatments. But, this school has literally helped improve the condition a big deal.


1: What is the name of best unani dawakhana near me?

The best unani dawakhana in Pakistan is Ajmal dawakhana in Lahore Pakistan.

2: How important are different types of elements in greek medicine?

Greek medicine concepts are completely based on the concept of 4 basic elements of the world.

3: What was the main reason for Greek medicine's rise?

The most important reason for the rise of greek medicine was the wars and sports that caused wounds in soldiers and warriors.


There are some most common reasons that cause an uplift in the understanding of disease and medicines. The medicines that lead to an uprise in the greek culture are versatile. And if you are looking for the best herbal practitioners in Pakistan, there are Ajmal Unani medicine options that work well. They have a range of best Unani medicine for erectile dysfunction in Pakistan. Their products would surely add a lot of value to your life and make your life easier.

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